What about the devices?

Can I choose my device?

No problem – with a choice of platforms, you choose your endpoint. PC/laptop, desk phone and mobile. You decide how you would like to communicate.

Why buy from Connect it?

At Connect it, we take care of the set-up of your devices with our auto-provisioning service. Simply unpack, plug in and start talking.

Grandstream HT802

The HT802 is a 2 port analog telephone adapter (ATA) that allows users to create a high-quality and manageable IP telephony solution for residential and office environments.

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Yealink W59R

The Yealink W59R is a professional ruggedized DECT handset – designed to work in harsh conditions. This IP67 classified and disinfectant-resistant handset combines mobility and hygiene and is suitable …

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Grandstream GXW4200

The GXW4200 gateway series enables businesses of all sizes to create an easy-to-deploy VoIP solution, taking advantage of Gigabit speeds.

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Poly Calisto 3200

Want to hear and be heard on every call—whether you’re working at home, remotely or in the office? Here’s how. ..

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Yealink W73H and W73P

The Yealink W73H is the new-generation of stylish modern wireless handset designed for business use with a new ID design, which is more sleek …

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Yealink SIP-T46U

Designed for busy executives and professional, the SIP-T46U IP phone is an ultimate communication tool that has the better overall performance …

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Poly Sync 40

Business moves fast. Joining virtual meetings should be fast, too. Poly Sync 40 USB/Bluetooth smart speakerphone lets users get straight to work …

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Poly Sync 20

Let’s face it: the audio on your laptop and smartphone aren’t great. Sound like the professional you are with Poly Sync 20 USB/Bluetooth® …

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