About Us

Our Vision
Connect-it believes that ALL businesses should be able to communicate wherever and whenever they wish.

Partnerships with leading telecommunications industry suppliers allow  Connect-it to offer independent advice, with full confidence in all our products. Connect-it specialises in providing business telecom solutions , from mobile and land-line tariff analysis, to network and call centre design. Our extensive hardware and service portfolio allows clients one point of contact for any requirement. We help to support customers nationwide.


From full blown phone systems to leased lines, Connect-it offers the very best solutions based on your requirements, our packages are always tailored to our customers needs.


Do business on the go? We can help with a single business mobile, or we can kit out an entire fleet of sales executives. Whatever you need! The latest phones, the best deals, you can’t go wrong!


We believe broadband is the backbone of most businesses. Keep everything running smooth with our superfast broadband options, or make use of bonded broadband if things are feeling sluggish.

Our Clients