Connect Studio

On average, 20% of call duration is spent on-hold. Connect-IT Studio turns this time into an opportunity for you to delight and inform your customers and market your products and services.

Your phone system is a key customer interface, but does it create a good impression? Are your callers routed through a menu that’s easy to navigate, and what do they hear whilst they’re waiting to speak to you, or whilst you’re working on their request?

A great caller experience starts with professionally recorded welcome messages, out-of-hours announcements, menus, and messages and music whilst on hold or in a queue. Connect-IT Studio enables you to seamlessly implement music and messages from a library of 10,000+ professionally scripted and pre-recorded messages, or procure bespoke messaging using our fully integrated AI scripting tool, recorded by one of 300+ real voice artists or the latest in AI voice characters, all edited, and quality checked by sound engineers.

With our easy-to-use portal you can combine your on-hold marketing and comfort messages with a variety of licence-free music tracks to download instantly, giving your callers a superior experience.

Connect-IT Studio provides so much more than just recordings! It incorporates everything you need to turn callers’ time on hold into an opportunity to upsell your products and services, including:
✔ IVR Prompts recorded and downloaded instantly for announcements such as welcome greetings, auto attendant, out of hours or voicemail
✔ Unlimited Instant professional recordings using advanced AI voice characters
✔ Bespoke recordings from 350+ real voice artists with a range of languages and dialects
✔ Pre-recorded marketing and comfort messages to simply use straight away, or tailor and add into your on-hold compilations
✔ Ability to create bespoke messaging in minutes using our fully integrated AI scripting tool
✔ Vast library of license-free music tracks to mix together with your on-hold messages
✔ On-hold message and music compilations mixed and available to download instantly

Want to learn more? Our team is always on hand to provide more details about Connect-IT Studio, or to help with any other queries you may have.