Hosted Phone Systems

Hosted Phone Systems
Why choose a hosted service?

The days of having your telephony systems all based on one site are over. You no longer need to be tied to one location by your phone lines, or by having a switchboard (PBX) sited at one branch. Modern, hosted telephony systems (often called VoIP), offer several key advantages over the traditional setup.

A traditional phone system is often a very expensive service to set up, with the cost of leasing or buying large quantities of on-site switchboard hardware to consider, together with the cost of handsets themselves. In contrast, the hosted system only requires the purchase of handsets, as all the “brains” of the service are retained in centralised servers, maintained by professional staff. This also removes the need for expensive maintenance contracts, as well as the responsibility for the upkeep of your on-site PBX.
The data centers that are used to host a VoIP service operate with full redundancy. If one server should go offline, its operation is instantly taken up by another one, so that there is minimal disruption to any services. Uptime for the service is generally regarded as better than that for traditional phone services.
Functions and Features

hereas a traditional phone system can be programmed to offer some additional services, much of this work requires either specialist knowledge or a site visit from an engineer. The Connect-it hosted phone system gives you extensive control over your service with an intuitive online portal. This allows services such as controlled call forwarding to be carried out instantly. You also can check your voicemail, amend settings, upload greeting messages and examine call records, as well as upload and edit contact directories, either for individual users or for whole groups.

The Connect-it hosted system runs on the industry-leading Broadsoft platform, so its robustness, reliability and flexibility are second to none. The system allows you to add many other optional services, such as:

Auto Attendant

Auto attendant is the greeting message that helps callers to reach exactly the destination they require, by pressing the relevant button on their phone’s keypad. It also allows you to present a larger business presence: “Press 1 for sales, press 2 for accounts…”

Call Center Operations

VoIP telephony is the perfect companion to an effective call center, whether for inbound or outbound services. Staff have access to all the features they need, while supervisors can monitor calls and interact when necessary.

Call Recording

All incoming and outbound calls can be automatically recorded, and those recordings stored for five years. They are easily accessible via an online portal. This system is fully PCI compliant.

On-Hold Music And Information

Although nobody likes being kept waiting, you can make the experience less trying for your callers. There is no need to subject them to “Greensleeves” any longer; now, you can choose from a wide range of music, or record your own informational message to let the caller know what you offer. We work with professional studios, whose voiceover artistes will present your message in the best possible light.

CRM Integration

Click-to-dial functions mean that staff do not have to waste time checking and dialing numbers. Many leading CRM systems are compatible with the Connect-it platform, and so you can simply click on a number on the computer screen to make a call.