Our Line Rental Service

We can provide your business with a range of lines and services to suit your telephony needs, for example transferring your existing BT lines, or installing new lines using BT Openreach engineers.


  • Discounts on your line rental
  • Substantial savings
  • First class customer care package

Who is it for?

Our line rental service is suitable for any customer with existing  lines who wish to gain better value line rental. There will be no disruption of service, as the line remains a Line. We can support analogue lines, ISDN2 and ISDN30.

How can it benefit my business?

One bill showing line rental and itemised calls
Can all be managed online
Login 24/7 and easily view your bills, all historical invoices and reports
Continue benefiting from BT Select Services
All other BT Network services are supported
Save up to 33% on line rental compared to BT
Further savings through impartial advice
Dedicated account management
One point of contact for all fixed line services

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