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Do you know your numbers?

Missed Tuesdays Blog session; had to take a few days off work and no one wanted to stand in my shoes…….don’t know why they are big enough for two! Back in my lovely spot in front of the large window in Connect-it Towers, I am dismayed to see someone has turned the sun off.  Where’s […]


You know I have to say it, did you see the storm Tuesday night?  I have seen the pictures, I have heard the oohs and aahs and did you see and did you hear……but I saw and heard nothing.  Nada.  Not a blooming thing. I missed it all.  I am gutted as I love a […]

It’s a funny old life!

I am sitting at my desk, as always, looking out the window onto Rochester Airfield and am amused by a Range Rover (aka Chelsea Tractor) with flashing lights scaring the birds!  They are not that scared though; as they scatter when the vehicle runs at them, then come straight back when it’s gone.  It’s one […]

Somewhere over the rainbow

Blue. We like the colour blue. We have blue chairs, desk screens, wall art, printing paper, one side white, one side blue. Now we have blue envelopes to go with the blue writing paper and we will seal these lovely blue envelopes with ……blue sealing wax! Watch your letter box for one of our special […]

Is it time you asked these questions?

Yay!  The Flying Kilt is Back, the Secret Squirrel is breathing easier, The Oracle is back in her lair,  Tinker is in the office AGAINI!! The Guv’nor is in high spirits and me, well, I just finished my 2nd double shot latte from the café downstairs.  Well, sometimes, you just need a little something to […]

You Too could be a Genius Scanner

Yawn!  It was a late night last night and no, not alcoholically enhanced before you even think it.  I rarely watch TV but last night, with nothing on that I fancied, I went on Now TV.   I had just purchased an entertainments pass.  Glancing through the enticing titles, I see Game of Thrones.  I have […]

Hello… is it me you are looking for?

I must stop looking out the window at the planes……it is very addictive.   Today, there have been so many coming into land, you can’t help looking and counting! It’s like watching London commuters trying to get to work round the North Circular. I have followers! I really do and  I am right chuffed.  I have […]

Do you need to SIP it?

We have a claim to fame by association!! Now are you seated for this; this is huge, really huge.  Any of you out there Gillingham football club fans?  I hear a few shouts of ‘yes’.  Well, you know the mascot TT (Tommy True Blue to give him his full title) – he is our very […]

Be The Big Brother Watching Yourself!

Good morning Kent!  I love being here in the heart of Kent, surrounded by the diversity that it offers.  From open fields and rolling landscapes to city centres and rural villages, from hidden gems down leafy country lanes to motorways and easy access to the M25, the biggest carpark in the world! I think we […]

Up Up And Away

Our new offices are so distracting.  We are now in the penthouse suite of the Innovations Centre. I knew one day I would be in a penthouse suite.  Just didn’t quite envisage it like this, an office!  But hey, beggars can’t be choosers, a penthouse is a penthouse. So, with the penthouse position and the […]

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