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Need to know about 0500 numbers

  Please be advise you that in the UK, 0500 old-style freephone numbers that are due to be withdrawn by 3rd June 2017. The majority of freephone numbers now begin with 0800 and 0808, making the 0500 prefix obsolete. 0500 number call costs 0500 numbers are intended to be free to call and generally remain so […]

4G Routers – keep yourself connected!

At one time, the only means of accessing the Internet was via a fixed broadband line. As smartphones grew in popularity, and demand for more services accessed through them increased, mobile broadband was offered by networks and providers to enable businesses and consumers to remain online whilst away from home or the office. In many […]

Are you a TalkTalk customer?

25th January 2017 In partnership with   Network Update for all TALKTALK users TalkTalk Technology has advised that they are performing an upgrade to their internal infrastructure. In order to minimise the impact on their customers, this beneficial upgrade will be completed between 00.05-06.00 hours on February 9th.   Anticipated downtime 30 mins. The following areas […]

Top notch telecommunications: the Office in a Box solution

What’s the next call worth to you? When you’re trying to get ahead as a small business you want your telecommunications setup to work perfectly every time, and have the biggest impact on management and analytics at the best possible price. That’s where Office in a Box comes in. Here is a brief overview of […]

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Why Office in a Box ™ ?

Why should you consider Office in a Box ™? Why is Office in a Box ™ the right service for you? With many years experience in the industry we have listened to our clients, what their needs are but just as importantly what their pains are when considering their communications.

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What is Office in a box?

What is Office in a Box ™? Office in a Box ™ is a result of listening to our customers. For years we have migrated clients away from old contracts for broadband, extra phones that were not needed and not being used and simplifying there entire communications.


Microsoft Office is now free on Mobile devices

So, the big news in the last few weeks, is that Microsoft have made the office suite available for free, on iOS and Android. Quite a surprising move from Microsoft as it has not been long since they made them available on these platforms.


Not enough space to update to iOS8.1?

So, with the release of the latest version of iOS 8.1, many people have found that they simply do not have enough free space on their iPhone to complete the upgrade. This most recent update is 1.8Gb, thats huge for an update, but to make things worse doing the update over your Wifi the iphone […]

Which mobile network is best for me?

For the most part people seem to stick with a mobile network provider until  they are unhappy about something.   So when it comes to choosing a new provider there are few things to consider.

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The top 5 iOS 8 features you should know about

At Connect-it we have all been excited to test the latest offering from Apple. Despite all of the hype and troubles since its launch we thought it a good time to give you our top 5 features from iOS 8 that you need to know about.

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