Bonded Broadband

Bonded DSL

Combine multiple ADSL connections to create a faster single connection over standard telephone lines offering improved bandwidth, resilience and reliability for your business. Bonded DSL provides a significant performance improvement over standard ADSL and is a cost-effective alternative to Leased Lines, especially in areas where Fibre is not yet available.

How Bonded DSL works

Unlike many combined solutions, our service bonds up to four standard ADSL lines together using an aggregated connection to take advantage of the combined speed of all four lines. We provide pre-configured routers that effortlessly combine these multiple lines enabling you to manage your connection as a single line.

*up to 10% throughput can be lost when bonding multiple lines
How Bonded DSL will benefit your business

Up to 70% cheaper than a Leased Line with the added benefit of no expensive install costs.

Increased speed

Combined lines can offer speeds of up to 80Mb download and 4Mb upload to improve business productivity. Ideal for supporting high-bandwidth applications, file transfers and cloud hosted services.

Enhanced resilience

By combining ADSL lines, even if a line fails, your connection will remain and your service will continue.

Advanced monitoring

Private, dedicated access to our portal allows complete control over your bandwidth. Prioritize traffic, configure firewalls and receive detailed status updates to make sure that your connection works perfectly for you.

Rapid provisioning

As long as you already have the physical phone lines installed in your premises, we’ll get your service up and running quickly, without your business losing service during installation.


Simply add or remove lines as your business requirements change. Service contracts are available for 12 month periods with monthly or quarterly billing to suit the way your business works.

Fibre alternative

Many areas of the UK don’t have access to Fibre, whereas our Bonded DSL solution is readily available throughout the whole of the UK.