Had some real fun today, sorry I know we shouldn’t be enjoying our work so much but we do.  The Guv’nor is going to start doing some short VBlogs on tips and advice regarding all things telephone systems related.  We set the all singing all dancing Mevo camera up in our outside office, played with the iPad so he could see what he was doing, sorted out the width and the height of the frame he was to be in, put the backdrop up and away we went.  OMG, off the cuff VBlogs!

What a scream, but that was just me, I will tell you why in a moment.  Off the Guv’nor went on our first one, Skype.  No rehearsals, no script just knowledge.  Mind you, I had to remind him to smile and stop talking with his hands so much.  All was going so well with each take to practice where to stand, what light etc until the Secret Squirrel started laughing.  We could hear her from the outside office but thought,  nah, won’t be on the VBlog.  Well, Secret Squirrel, you were there, cackling like an old hen!

So, the Guv’nor went off to answer some emails while we had a look at what he had done to decide if it was good enough to post when I had this idea.  Me and the Secret Squirrel to do a little VBlog of our own for the Guv’nor.  Now look, I have never said I could sing, or dance or move like Jagger but really, why do you sound and look so different on camera!  They say a camera never lies.  I am sorry but it is a big, fat, liar…..we do not sound like that at all in real life.  I think the camera is broken or just a bit off key…..What I did not take into account is that the Guv’nor was seeing what we were doing on his phone………so kindly shared it with the whole office!  I will not be in tomorrow, I have a case of redfacedembarressment.

Telecoms.  Every time I mention to someone I work for a telecoms company there is this look of horror that flits across their face or worse, a blank look that says why?  I must say I never thought I would be here after years out on the road designing hotels and care homes interiors but here I am.  And what a relief it is to be off the road (grrrr M25, M1, M23 need I say more!)

I met the Guv’nor at a networking meeting up in London when I was looking to get off the road and I liked his sense of humour and honesty.   So when he offered me a position in Connect it, I thought why not!  It’s been a revelation.  I have learnt so much about what is available out there in telecoms land and I am amazed!  Mind you it is going to cost me a fortune because every time the Guv’nor tells me about something innovative within the field of telecoms or the latest gadget he has bought…….I want one too.

First, there was the Canary or Budgie as I like to call it. We don’t supply them but the Guv’nor told me about it and we have one in our office so had to buy one.  Have a look at this; a good way to keep an eye on your office when out and about!  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Canary-All-One-Security-Device/dp/B014KWCCQI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1489589397&sr=8-1&keywords=canary+home+security

Then was the Echo Dot.  He plays with these gadgets in the office and enjoys sharing his enthusiasm for yet a new toy.  Because then,  we are carried along with the enthusiasm for the item and what it can do, you sit there thinking I want one of these cos it is sooo cool and it does this and that.  Okay, I admit it, I now avoid QVC as they can sell me anything.

polycomeIts like our IP Phones.  They are so easy to use; in the office, I have a Polycom VVW 300. I find it fascinating that I answer the phone to someone and then if I need to, I can transfer the call to mobile as well as internally or, include someone in the conversation with a conference call option!how cool is that?  Perhaps not for home but against other phones I have used in offices in the past, this is pretty easy to use.

Telecoms has a bad reputation, we know that.  We want to change that view in the only way we know how and that is information, backup, customer services and support. Simples.

Daily titbit that Christine Keeler is not going away.  Today in 1963, Dr Stephen Ward a London osteopath and friend of Christine Keeler, was arrested in Watford and taken to Marylebone Lane police station just 3 days after John Profumo resigned. Ward was charged with living on the earnings of prostitution! The Profumo affair was the biggest political sleaze story of the decade and threatened to topple the Conservative government under Harold Macmillan.

It also scandalised the nation, especially after sordid details of Dr Stephen Ward’s lifestyle and his relationship with Christine Keeler and her friend Mandy Rice-Davies came out at his trial

Keeler, who lived with Ward at his Wimpole Mews flat, said he had introduced her to Lord Astor at his Cliveden stately home where she first met John Profumo.


Image courtesy of http://news.bbc.co.uk/