The sun is shining, the Snickers (Marathons to you and me)  are getting hard in the fridge, it must be coffee time.   Mini-Him is yawning, sniffing, coughing, I think man-flu is on its way.  But never one to be fooled by the apparent weakness of a man with potential man flu, Mini-Him has still been dispatched to the kitchen to wash the cups and make a fresh cuppa. Honest, do they think us women who have babies, carry them on our hips and do the housework when we are full of flu are going to be sympathetic of a few sniffles and coughing?  No, not in Connect-it Towers, just get on with it Mini-Him, I need my caffeine.

VOIP… you know what that means?  Because I am ‘in the business’ I mention it glibly all the time assuming everyone knows what I am talking about.  My bad.

Voice Over Internet Protocol but you might also hear it called telephony or broadband telephony.  What does that mean to you Mr Customer……? VOIP is a technology that converts analogue voice signals into a digital format and it will eventually replace the traditional phone system in its entirety.

Traditional phone systems, which have been in use for more than a hundred years, use circuit-switching method to transmit analogue voice signals. Want to know what that really means?  When a call is made from one telephone to another, switches within the telephone exchanges create a continuous wire circuit between the two telephones, for as long as the call lasts.

When using the VoIP technology, phone signals that are converted over computer networks use packet-switching protocols. It allows high volumes of data to be carried over the internet enhancing communication. Phew, that was hard work trying to make it sound so simple.  I am not even going to try and make the packet switching protocol sound simple or we could be here all day!

When compared to using a traditional line, VoIP offers a more flexible and more cost-efficient option…………and of course, that’s where we can come in.  Don’t wait till you have to scramble to get a new telephone system in because it’s all changed and you are not ready. 2020 is the date Openreach will stop provisioning the old PSTN and ISDN lines so all new orders will be VOIP.  Not a lot of people know this!

One of the cool things we offer is an IP Phone or VoIP phone and a tracking number, together, that means no matter where you go in the world, providing you have an ethernet connection, you can talk to your customers just as if you were in your own office! Even better is, our deal includes 2000 minutes!!  Great if you are a small business and struggle to leave the office…..this way your office can be with you wherever you go.  Your partner might not be so keen but do you want to miss out on that one call that could change everything?

Anyway, back to my reality here in Connect it Towers.  I had a giggling fit just now with a customer which happens far too often these days in this office.     On our computer, we have a programme that connects the phone to our CRM system.   When a client calls up, I get a pop-up on my screen that shows who is calling; their name, the company name and the number they are calling from. It’s called Go Integrator.   I answered the phone with Good Morning Mr Clients Name; no I didn’t call my client Mr Clients Name, but for data protection and all that, I can’t tell you what his name was, this is just showing that I knew what his real name was, which isn’t, Mr Client Name…….just for clarity.

I could feel said client jump back a few feet and in shock said how did you know my name?  Do I call that often that you know my number? Am I nuisance caller?  And for some reason, I got the giggles……and started rambling on about remember George Orwell’s 1984..well this is 2017 and we know who you are and where you are….and we both ended up with the giggles.  You know those moments when you don’t know why but you can’t stop!  It may have cost him a few more pennies while we composed ourselves but I bet when he put the phone down, he was still smiling.  He won’t forget Connect-it Communications Ltd in a hurry.

Time to go home methinks, I need to lie down…

Thought of the day – never assume, or who is the ass, u or me!

Daily Titbit – This day in 1971 councils openly defy the Thatcher milk ban.  Margaret Thatcher’s decision to end free school milk for the over-sevens earned her the nickname “Thatcher, Thatcher Milk Snatcher”. We know how this ended!

Margaret Thatcher

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