Wednesdays are the midway point in our working week here, so we are discussing where we are so far with our own individual projects. Head hung in shame,  as still not started my project…but I have a good reason,  honest Guv’nor.   I just cant think what it is right this minute….give me an hour or so.

The Guv’nor has been out networking, AGAIN!  I don’t know how he stays so trim with all those networking breakfasts or pastries.  Oh yes I do, he runs and works out at home……..well that is what he tells us.  Either that or he is one of those lucky people that just burns it off just by breathing……you know those ones I mean; I am not bitter and twisted about that, much!

Anyway, we love it when he comes back from a networking meeting, he is on fire! The Guv’nor sees the value in listening to others and understanding how they have grown their businesses.    I should say he would never copy what others do but may use their ideas as a springboard to come up with his own.  He also listens to any ideas we have here in the office too as he views all ideas as important and relevant, especially when he knows we all have a vested interest in the growth of our business.  And yes, I think we all do see this business as ours because if the company does well, we all benefit.

I believe, he inspires others with his vision and easy going nature and that’s why people are drawn to him, that, and his knowledge of the little tricks of the trade that he shares so willingly.  People want to talk to the Guv’nor, to work with him because he is so genuine…..ok, won’t say anymore as it will seem like I am sucking up to the boss, not that I care, but don’t want him to get too big-headed!  I met the Guv’nor at a workshop back in November up in London.  It was so funny, we sat next to one another listening to the keynote speaker.  In the interval, I asked questions about his business as he did mine….

We shared information.  Then I moaned (yes I did) about the battery life of my phone.  The Guv’nor showed me how to extend the life of my battery.  Wow, I thought…..and the girl to the other side of me overhead and asked if he could show her how to do it……..then the snowball started rolling.  The questions about how to do this that and the other came thick and fast and slowly I was edged to the other side of the room as one by one people asked to sit next to him.  Bees to a honeypot comes to mind.  Now I see this is normal and am so glad to be one of his team.  He might not be so glad but hey ho, he is stuck with me.

Anyway, its lunchtime, The Guv’nor  is all full of bacon, sausage and eggs……so I am going off to get my gluten free, carb free, dairy free, sugar-free, vegetarian lunch……..!!

Just a quick update on Mini Me, Mini Her and Mini Mo………they have settled in very well, and their enthusiasm is infectious.  I love getting a call from one or another of them to tell me about another successful networking meeting they have been too or a great 1-2-1 they have had.  They are very different characters with different strengths but together, they are our A Team!

So today, let’s introduce Mini Her.

Mini HerMini Her is a vivacious, bubbly, warm and friendly lady (a bit like me, hence Mini Her!) Her approach is very much the face to face system, knocking on doors and networking.  You cannot fail to like her, so for her, this approach is working brilliantly.  Mini Her will put you at ease very quickly and you know, she really is interested in your business, and how, she or we can help.  Mini Her really has embraced the Salesman’s power of having two ears and one mouth…..she listens twice as hard as she talks.  Don’t get me wrong, when you get her started on something she is passionate about, she just goes for it and exudes enthusiasm, and her enthusiasm is catching…… Love it.  Meet Mini Her and you will just trust her to look after your business.  Girl Power Mini Her.

More about Mini-Him and Mini Mo to follow.

Thought for the day – today is the first day of the rest of your life.

Daily titbit on this day in 1844, Samuel Morse taps out “What hath God wrought” in the world’s 1st telegraph message over an experimental line from Washington, D.C., to Baltimore. Morse was also well respected for his paintings of people, like the self-portrait on the previous screen and this one of Mrs David C. De Forest. He painted his subjects with honesty and insight. It was while returning from Europe to take his position as an Arts professor at New York University that Morse came up with the idea of a communications system using the electro-magnet and a series of relays through a network of telegraph stations. In order to transmit messages in this system, he invented Morse Code, an alphabet of electronic dots and dashes. The system made communication across the country faster than ever before.


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