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Be The Big Brother Watching Yourself!

Good morning Kent!  I love being here in the heart of Kent, surrounded by the diversity that it offers.  From open fields and rolling landscapes to city centres and rural villages, from hidden gems down leafy country lanes to motorways and easy access to the M25, the biggest carpark in the world! I think we […]

Up Up And Away

Our new offices are so distracting.  We are now in the penthouse suite of the Innovations Centre. I knew one day I would be in a penthouse suite.  Just didn’t quite envisage it like this, an office!  But hey, beggars can’t be choosers, a penthouse is a penthouse. So, with the penthouse position and the […]

Routers R U

Tinker’s at it again!! Rubber gloves too this time.  Really, do our cupboard doors really need bleaching!! We have only been in our lovely new offices a couple of weeks.  You would not have thought that was enough time for anything to need bleaching.  Ok ok, let’s get too it.  The Flying Kilt is outta […]


Had some real fun today, sorry I know we shouldn’t be enjoying our work so much but we do.  The Guv’nor is going to start doing some short VBlogs on tips and advice regarding all things telephone systems related.  We set the all singing all dancing Mevo camera up in our outside office, played with […]

On The Move Again!

I think there is a workshop or networking event of some sort going on in the meeting room down the end of the corridor.  There is so much noise!  Loud laughter and talking; they cannot be working! We are very quiet here in our little office, its heads down and get on with it……..until the […]

Thank Crunchie its Friday!!

Thank crunchie it’s Friday (who remembers THAT advert!).  The end of the week for us but sadly, not for everyone.   For many, the weekend is like any other working day because so many businesses stay open 7 days a week.  Is it because we work longer hours, that other businesses need to stay open so […]