Crazy tidy up day today; Tinker is in (I should add,  that Tinker is in fact short for Tinker Bell as if you hadn’t guessed it but she likes to drop the Bell bit) and like the whirlwind she is, has come in armed with polish, dusters, air fresheners, bin bags oh and chocolate.  See, told you we have a sugar thang going on here.

innovation centreWe have lovely serviced offices here in the Innovations Centre in Chatham.   When you arrive, there is a big reception desk with pretty cool staff, a coffee shop at the end of the reception area, seating area at the front of the coffee shop where you can relax and, even little break out areas in the middle of the building where you can sit with your lap top for a bit of peace and quiet.

Actually, it’s not that peaceful and it’s not that quiet as so many people are using the space throughout the day, but the intention is there!  If you want privacy, you can book one of the small conference rooms, all complete with WiFi.  Great if you work from home and need a professional space to meet with prospective clients or even if you need to get away from your own offices.  We use them ourselves from time to time…….and today would be a good time with Tinker and her dusting cloths around! I need peace….not the drone of a hoover!

Of course, we are responsible for our own office space; the communal areas are very well maintained by the centre staff so no need to worry there!    So, every month, or weekly, if Tinker has done all the social media stuff, the Guv’nor and Tinker have us polishing, washing out the bins and drawers, cleaning the computers, throwing away any unusable recycling (?) Its mayhem for a short while but I can see the sense of this.  Psychologists say, ‘a tidy desk is a tidy mind’….and that you feel more able to tackle any job without clutter of the mind if your working environment is clear of clutter So it’s all good.

The Oracle is also firing on all cylinders and the bills are winging their way out as we speak. She is a bit scary to be honest.  You know one of those that can find a 1p amongst £1000s, a digit out amongst thousands of telephone numbers…..I am in awe of her talent and very thankful that because of her talent, our bills are rarely questioned because they are spot on!  Thanks Oh Oracle of the Billing Platform :-)

I don’t often get involved with the service calls, The Flying Kilt does most of them.  But I love to listen and learn.  I can’t imagine anyone getting irate with The Flying Kilt regardless of the issue.  He speaks slowly, calmly and methodically……the perfect combination for any issue concerning phones and broadband as people can get very very upset.  Luckily for us, serious issues are far and few between but it is reassuring to know that if we have an issue, we exceed our SLA.   Our SLA is supposed to be 4 hours but because of the lack of issues, when one comes in, we are on it straight away and it is normally resolved within minutes; unless of course, it is a network thing rather than something we can control.

The one thing that does surprise me, is that every one of our customers are given access to their own portal log in for their telephone system and billing account.  We give clear instructions on how to use them but the majority…….call us to sort it! We have no problem at all, in helping them, but how much better would it be for you, to be able to go online at any time of the night or day, and see exactly what is happening with your own business?

Logging on to the number manager, you can change how your phones ring every hour of every day; change the time of the day you want each phone to ring and in what order; see how many missed calls you have had, how many calls were answered within your SLA and so it goes on.  You can log in to your billing portal and see which extension is making more calls than the others, how much the average call costs, cap your call costs or arrange an alert to let you know when you have reached a critical amount.  Total control!  I would love that as a business owner; control at my fingertips.  But maybe for some, it is just easier to let us manage their business for them, and we are more than happy to help.

So, for the moment, I am sitting at my highly polished desk, with my super clean computer screens, no crumbs in my keyboard and clean drawers….. listening to He of the 0800 numbers talking.  I am just avoiding looking under my desk and on the floor around me!

Have a great Wednesday, and remember, today is the first day of the rest of your life!!

Daily titbit today in 1994 Nelson Mandela becomes South Africa’s first black president after more than three centuries of white rule. As part of the ceremony, he pledged his allegiance to South Africa and his determination to continue his work for reconciliation.

“I do hereby swear to be faithful to the Republic of South Africa and do solemnly and sincerely promise to promote that which will advance and to oppose all that may harm the republic… and to devote myself to the well-being of the republic and all its people.”


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