Tinker’s at it again!! Rubber gloves too this time.  Really, do our cupboard doors really need bleaching!! We have only been in our lovely new offices a couple of weeks.  You would not have thought that was enough time for anything to need bleaching.  Ok ok, let’s get too it.  The Flying Kilt is outta here, he can’t stand the smell of bleach and I don’t blame him.  I think his excuse is his Fitbit is telling him to go for a walk……I didn’t know they did that, amazing technology.

The Guv’nor is smooching with some of the other businesses in the building while queuing for a sneaky cappuccino in the café downstairs, he just can’t help himself; I’m not stalking him honest but I just happened to walk past and see him deep in conversation about the benefits of tracking numbers over the sandwich counter…!!

The Oracle has been on the phone, not once, but twice, making sure we are all ready for the next bill run; jeez she really does weald a very large whip.   The Secret Squirrel is cooking on gas while checking our clients bills to make sure they are all present and correct…and me, yup I am going to be on my hands and knees wiping cupboard doors down inside and out with Tinker.  It’s a charmed life I lead here.

Later though, we will be opening more boxes; more routers!  Are our customers eating them? ‘No’ says the Secret Squirrel…. ‘they are for 4 new clients’.   When you look at the vast range of routers there are, how do you know where to start?   Luckily …our service provider has a list of approved routers that they have researched and believe to be the best option for their service so we tend to stick with those.

However, if you wanted a specific one that you have personally researched and believe you would like, we will never say no…but, we will also look into it to make sure your preferred option will give you the best service with our service provider.  Your router is so important to the efficiency of your broadband; I never realised how important it is.

Do you know when you have an intermittent broadband connection the first thing you should do, after sharing a few expletives, and before you shout and stamp your feet with your service provider, is reboot the router.  From what I understand, routers are like small computers: They use memory, a processor, and an operating system. And that means they too benefit from a fresh start every now and then.  Not a lot people know this!!

But, routers don’t last forever.  They go through so much stress on a daily basis, yes routers do get stressed, heat stressed!  Your WiFi connection is stretched across your computer, gaming consoles, smartphones, tablets and other streaming devices so over time, a router’s performance can degrade. It can also get clogged up with dust. 4G_Router

Now don’t shout at the screen you are a dust free environment cos you have a Tinker keeping the place clean!  All routers have vents that allow the heat to escape.  If those vents are clogged with dust the heat can’t escape.  The smaller the vents, the easier it is for your modem to get clogged up and overheat.  The easiest way to clean your router is to unplug it, tip to side, blow out the vents with compressed air or if you don’t have something like that available, you could use a hoover to suck it out.  Then if you still see some of the dust bunnies frolicking in the vents, use a cotton bud to swab them out……simples.

However, if you have had the same router for a few years and can find no other explanation for an outage and reliability of your network, and you have done a bit of housekeeping on it, it may be time to consider replacing your overworked router. Want to know more about routers?  Then give us a call.

So time to get on my hands and knees to clean……I am sure there must be a law against using the admin staff as cleaners.

Thought of the day – Every day is a chance to start all over again!

Daily titbit – on this day in 1981 A 17-year-old man was arrested for shooting a replica gun at the Queen as she rode past crowds on horseback. Marcus Serjeant pointed a pistol directly at the Queen as she turned down Horseguards’ Parade for the start of the Trooping the Colour ceremony.  He fired six blank cartridges before being overcome by a Guardsman and police.

The Queen

Images courtesy of  http://news.bbc.co.uk/