I think there is a workshop or networking event of some sort going on in the meeting room down the end of the corridor.  There is so much noise!  Loud laughter and talking; they cannot be working! We are very quiet here in our little office, its heads down and get on with it……..until the Guv’nor throws a squishy ball at us to make sure we are still alive….. Mind you, that has diminished somewhat with The Guv’nor and The Flying Kilt moving into the office across the corridor. Now we just get the occasional door open and balls come flying in on mass.  Honestly, it’s like being in a kids’ playground sometimes………I love it!

But, that is about to change again.  We are so excited…. we are going up into the penthouse suite!  Yep we are on the move again to the top of the building and this time, we will be overlooking the airport instead of the road.  The Guv’nor has bagged the corner office which has views on two sides of the building and us lot, are in one big office with a panoramic view of the airport.    It’s a bigger office than we need right now but, at the rate we are growing, we will need the space very soon so this will save us moving again, and again…….and again!

The Secret Squirrel is extra quiet today, I have to keep asking her if she is awake, contemplating her navel or just busy with the bills.  I think it is catching, the peace and quiet.  You almost feel like you can’t speak.  Of course, we can, but you get lost in your own thoughts when it’s all quiet.  It does allow you to concentrate on your own job but sometimes, you are so engrossed and lost in thought that you forget there are others in the office!  The Secret Squirrel is more of a listener than a talker so if you want to know something, you just ask her. Everyone needs a listener!

Today we have been talking about WOD …..no I didn’t know what that meant either.  Wifi On Demand.  It’s this cute little thing that sits quietly in the background, see the picture, so tiny!  Consumers today expect free WiFi wherever they go.  So if its free to the consumer, someone has to pay for it right?  Of course, but what if, giving it free gives you an opportunity to grow your database?  Wi-Fi On Demand WOD(WOD) is a service that gives you vital information on who is using your Wi-Fi, where they are and how often they come back. The first time they log in (typically using a social media account), they give you permission to see their profile and to store their details for future reference.

The next time they visit your premises they log in automatically, and you can welcome them back or make them aware of special events or offers. What’s in it for you?  The advantage is that you receive their personal profile details, which can include information such as their date of birth, email address, and other data to enable you to create a valuable dialogue with them. If you are using social media effectively to promote your business, then Wi-Fi On Demand becomes a central part of your offer. Analysis of the data gives you valuable insights into the demographics of your customers. For example, are you missing out on younger shoppers, or are your hotel guests predominantly males travelling on business?

So, here endeth my lesson for today!  Hope you now understand that WOD.. it’s not just Workout of the Day!

Daily Titbits on this day……very important event happened, in 1986. Bobby Ewing aka Patric Duffy, came back from the dead on Dallas.  No its true, he did…I see it with my own eyes.


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