Oh dear, the Guv’nor is not a happy man today! In all the time, I have worked for him, I have never seen him annoyed.   Someone made an appointment to come and see us and did not turn up or, even, phone to say they were not going to make it.  For most of us, it’s just common courtesy, not just in business, but our personal life, to let people know if we can’t keep a meeting.  Even a phone call after the missed appointment would have sated his annoyance, but no, not even a phone call to acknowledge the missed meeting.  I don’t see his company being high on the Guv’nors list of priorities to see again.

The majority of us are so busy these days, spreading our time between working, family, social activities; time is precious.  Very different to our Parents’ Day I am sure.  Mum would most likely be at home all day with the preschool kids; Dad would be out working.  Dad would come home to dinner on the table,  sit down with his smoke, a beer perhaps, the paper, listen to the radio or if you were one of the more affluent family at homeones, the TV,  and that was it.  If he was lucky to have an understanding wife, he might pop down the local for a swift half.   Mum would clear up, perhaps bake for tomorrow then sit down to sew, knit, and that’s once the washing, all done by hand, was finished.  Phew, I am exhausted just thinking about being a woman back in the 40s and 50s!!

So with that in mind how difficult is it to make a call…..and come on, who DOESN’T have a mobile phone these days? When did you last hear of someone saying they did not have a  phone?   Interestingly, according to a recent article in The Mail, 90% of Brits aged 8-14 now own a mobile phone ( 52% of children under 10 also have a mobile phone and 15% would give up food and sleep to spend more time on it!) I love facts…and just cross my fingers they are right!

You know back in the day when I was out on the road, we had to find a telephone box twice a day to call into the office for any messages!! Honest, we did.  We had a phone card thingy that we used, like a credit card; we dialled that number and it allowed us to call into the office for free.  We would struggle with that system today as telephone boxes are a dying feature of any town.  Mind you, they do make great libraries……red phone box library

Things happen, we know that but it’s about being professional and courteous to each other.  After all, business is about people; people buy from people, rarely from companies. So the guy that did not turn up is already on the back foot the next time he comes and has not represented his company in a good light.  But hey, the Guv’nor’s is too nice to make an issue out of it….it will be forgotten after he has had his tea and biscuits.

Finally, let me tell you about the last of our new Sales people,  Mini-Him.  Mini-Him, tall, very tall, with a solar panel for a, no, not going to say that………for a computer of a brain.  He is like a human Rubik’s cube, you ask complex questions or how to do something and within seconds he has worked it out.  Why Mini-Him?  Because he is like the Guv’nor in his thinking process, always planning, preparing, focused on the goal.  Mini-Him has come from a very large corporate company so helps with the other BDE’s with their planning and strategies to succeed with the end goal.  He has a very quick wit and I have met my match with the quick wit answers.  It’s great banter and done with a deadpan face!  His strength is networking and he is walking his talk.  And between me and you, he is about to become a Daddy for the 2nd time so is a little bit excited.

Thought for the day – Never look back, that’s not the way you are going.

Daily titbit Tut Tut 1963 Profumo resigns over Sex Scandal. Secretary of State for War, John Profumo, has resigned from government, admitting he lied to Parliament about his relationship with a 21 year old call girl Christine Keeler. Following his resignation he devoted himself to philanthropy and in 1975 was named Commander of the British Empire for his charitable work.


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