Hay fever has hit the office like a tsunami.  The Flying Kilt, bless him,  has the sneezes and the pink eyes, no not THE pink eye, just sore eyes, bless.  It’s such a debilitating allergy and for some, can last all through the summer and beyond.  Luckily for The Flying Kilt, his will just run until summer so he says.  Good job Tinker always buys those special tissues, the one with the balm in the tissue, you know the ones I mean, so his wee nose does not get sore!  We have given up saying bless you and now, just laugh. Sorry Flying Kilt but you do make such a funny sound when sneeze.

Overhearing a conversation going on with The Flying kilt (between sneezes) …….It’s really funny,  hearing him frustrated!  Even in his frustration, there is a calmness….me,  I would be talking in a higher pitch and with the occasional sigh.   The flying Kilt has a constant low volume for every occasion, but he paces up and down the office in sheer frustration so you would never know! Every office should have a Flying Kilt, the one that is smooth and calm and well, just brings it all down to a calm vibe regardless of any situation.

Today, is dress down day, for some….The Guv’nor has come in in shorts.  He didn’t tell us we could do that or we could have all turned up with our summer legs…….ah perhaps that’s why he didn’t tell us!  Might not have been that aesthetically pleasing to see a room full of bare white legs……mind you, I wouldn’t have minded seeing Mini-Him in shorts.   Those legs…..they go on for-ev-er!

The Guv’nor has been on another shopping spree.   We have so many certificates now for organisations we belong to and awards we have won, and they have all been in the bottom drawer of his desk.   So while we were spring cleaning last week, and preparing for the big move, it was decided they needed to be dusted down and put on the wall for all to see.  We don’t shout out loud enough I don’t think but when the next exciting event happens……..we will be shouting, but I can’t tell you yet……doh it is so hard holding back on telling you all, but I must, I must,  I must resist.

Friday is mop up day;  what have we got to do to complete the week’s tasks.  We look at the agenda we set for the week on Monday and check where everyone is with their tasks.  We are pretty good on clearing things up by Friday so we can all go home Friday night with a clear conscious and able to enjoy the weekend knowing there is nothing outstanding.  We hope you are all going to have a great bank holiday weekend and enjoy a BBQ or two with great family and friends.  We all need to work but we should also take time out  to rest and play too.

So, Mini Mo.  Bless.  Mini Mo is a mean lean phone calling machine!  Mini Mo is one of those who talks about himself in the third person and always has a story to tell…….and without trying, he makes us all laugh at his thinking process.  Breakfast, if you ever meet him, talk about a good breakfast and you have a kindred spirit.  We talk about networking in terms of who is there, and Mini Mo talks about how good the breakfast was, or not!! Mini Mo has a long history of outbound calling and he is pretty dam good on the phones.  His strength is his ability to make you feel at ease because he is just him, no airs and graces, just good old fashioned honesty. Meet him and I bet you won’t forget him!

Thought for the day – Today, you have a choice on how your day goes. Think it the way you want it.

Daily titbit on this day in 1950…..The end of Petrol Rationing. UK drivers cheer the end of fuel rations. ‘Long queues have appeared at garages this evening and motorists have torn their ration books into confetti after the government announced an end to petrol rationing’.  Petrol rationing was first imposed at the onset of World War II in September 1939 and its continuation five years after the war ended was a hotly debated issue, especially during the 1950 general election campaign


Image courtesy of http://news.bbc.co.uk/