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Pre Easter Goodies

We reckon Tinker wants to fatten us up for Easter……boxes of celebrations and a catering pack of Mars Bars, Cream Eggs, packs of biscuits……..but zero sugar drinks!!  The rationale of this is that things would be much worse with fat drinks i.e. still with the sugar in them!  Humm the mind boggles. Don’t get me […]

The Connect-it Team

So let’s introduce you to the customer service team here at Connect it.   There is the office manager, ‘The Flying Kilt’, a man with an accent reminiscent of Sean Connery who loves all 0800 numbers.     There is ‘Secret Squirrel’, crunching numbers, working your applications and chasing you if you haven’t paid.   […]

Seriously……..did you know?…..have you got?

Serious blog for today, well as serious as I can make it….! Do you use a CRM system?  Do you use a VoIP telephone system? If yes to both, the combination of these two could really benefit your business in a number of ways.  If no, you are missing a trick.  Obviously, we use both, […]

The Office Environment here at Connect it Towers!

I love walking into our bright airy office.  Someone called it Connect it Towers tongue in cheek and I love that!  With a large window overlooking the main road, it’s not so much going to work as car watching!  That’s the PR bit over just in case the Guv’nors’ looking over my shoulder at what’s […]

March 28, 2017 Uncategorized

Thank Crunchie its Friday!!

Thank crunchie it’s Friday (who remembers THAT advert!).  The end of the week for us but sadly, not for everyone.   For many, the weekend is like any other working day because so many businesses stay open 7 days a week.  Is it because we work longer hours, that other businesses need to stay open so […]

Today is National Happiness Day – Is your office going to have a happy day?

Monday morning is here again.  The day after a weekend off and only 5 days before the weekend is here again!!  That’s how most people view Monday mornings.  What a shame, they are just wishing their lives away.  Mondays are an opportunity to view the week from a clear perspective and renewed energy (unless of […]

March 20, 2017 Uncategorized

Need to know about 0500 numbers

  Please be advise you that in the UK, 0500 old-style freephone numbers that are due to be withdrawn by 3rd June 2017. The majority of freephone numbers now begin with 0800 and 0808, making the 0500 prefix obsolete. 0500 number call costs 0500 numbers are intended to be free to call and generally remain so […]

February 1, 2017 Uncategorized

4G Routers – keep yourself connected!

At one time, the only means of accessing the Internet was via a fixed broadband line. As smartphones grew in popularity, and demand for more services accessed through them increased, mobile broadband was offered by networks and providers to enable businesses and consumers to remain online whilst away from home or the office. In many […]

January 31, 2017 Uncategorized

Are you a TalkTalk customer?

25th January 2017 In partnership with   Network Update for all TALKTALK users TalkTalk Technology has advised that they are performing an upgrade to their internal infrastructure. In order to minimise the impact on their customers, this beneficial upgrade will be completed between 00.05-06.00 hours on February 9th.   Anticipated downtime 30 mins. The following areas […]

January 25, 2017 Uncategorized

Top notch telecommunications: the Office in a Box solution

What’s the next call worth to you? When you’re trying to get ahead as a small business you want your telecommunications setup to work perfectly every time, and have the biggest impact on management and analytics at the best possible price. That’s where Office in a Box comes in. Here is a brief overview of […]

March 18, 2015 Uncategorized
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